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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the clients buy any products?

No, due to liability and warranties we purchase all products through the company.

Do we work with subcontractors? 

Yes, our family grows outside of the UR Life & Home shop. We ensure that each subcontractor we bring into UR home, has been vetted the same way we would a new employee. From there we cultivate a close relationship that we carry into our future projects. 

Do the clients submit the permits?

Being a licensed NC State general contractor, our office submits all of the paperwork and permits for our clients.

How do we handle dust?

Our Owner and Designer, Christina took a course on how to remediate lead paint from a home, which changed how we handled dust from then on. We us a multitude of different products for floor protection based on UR specific flooring, plastic zip walls, drop clothes, etc. At the end of each day, the crew on sight cleans debris.  Once the project is completed, we have a professional cleaning done. 

*Reminder: Just like Germ-X, we can only get 99.9% of all dust. 

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