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Ceilings-The 5th Wall of Your Room!

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

White Ceilings-The Right Choice?

Ceilings-hmmm for decades we been that white is the way to go. Ummm, not so much! White reflects light, so the ceiling reflects down to you and does not recede away.

Simple Changes Can Make A Big Impact

You do not have to be elaborate, just paint it the same color as the wall. The light reflection will make it seem lighter and the room more cozy and cohesive.

Have Fun & Be Creative!

However, there are no rules so feel free to get creative! Wallpaper, trim work, and accent color add some fun lighting the sky is truly the limit because you can paint one of those there too.

Don't worry about bringing the ceiling down, that is an old wives tale.

Be creative and add character to your rooms. Stop ignoring that large space above you! Give it some interest-send me some pics.



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