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This family was adding a member to their household that needed a little extra care to get around, so we added a space for their Mother in this seamless addition. While we were mid project, they decided to take out a wall to expand and open up their kitchen space. We then added cabinetry specifically built for their devotion.

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We joined the Mother's room by the above sun room and also made an entrance into the main home. We designed a simple CAPs certified closet space and a beautiful, certified bathroom for her to easily get around in. With her impediments in mind, we installed a curb-less seated shower for comfort and kept anything she'd need on ground level. This addition was designed to go with the flow and see what the future holds! 

Mother-In-Law Suite
Mother-In-Law Suite
Mother-In-Law Suite
Custom Closet
Mother's Bath
Mother's Bath
Mother's Bath
Mother's Shower

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