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Office Spaces

This office space was designed to match the fluidity of the hardwood flooring. Rob worked closely with the client in order to create this custom built-in shelving and desk.

Designing UR home to UR life, means having a home office that you can be productive and relaxed in.

office space.jpeg
Berry side table .jpeg
berry table.jpeg


A client came to us with a dilemma... She wanted a sectional, without having a sectional?...


Fortunately we were able to decipher her words and created this custom fitted side table for her sofas.

When we were remodeling this client's home, they came to us asking for a dining table big enough for the whole family. After searching and digging for the right one, we decided to make one in our shop. We created this beautiful statement piece to accent their memories for years to come.

table top.jpeg

For this couple, we needed to solve a simple solution that wasn't as simple to shop for back then. She wanted a glass-top table, where he wanted a bar height table so he would fit. After not finding anything online, we made this custom glass-top, bar height breakfast table.

Our skilled crew is constantly learning and growing as the field does as well. UR home could have the custom qualities tailored to UR life and needs.

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