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A fun, young couple came to us after we were recommended from neighbors on to save their DIY disaster. They wanted a kitchen with a lot of innovations to make it as unique as they are.



penny kitchen 1.webp

With the layout being on the smaller side, we made a notch in the garage for their cabinets so we could keep them at the original depth and not lose space in the floorplan.

Above those cabinets we created a nook for their funky, retro microwave to keep it off the counter. In addition to that, we set the fridge flush with the rest of that wall, encompassing it with more cabinetry.

penny kitchen 2.webp
penny kitchen 3.webp

On the opposing wall, they had a funky window that we replaced with a fresh piece of glass, giving them a great view of their sun room and some much needed light. Putting a furniture grade finish on the butcher block island and a subway tile backsplash, added some subtle bling to this now bright kitchen. 

Finishing with the floors, we had  ripped up the old tiling and replaced it with hardwood to match the rest of the home. Christina worked with her subcontractor to make the exact stain to create this seamless design

It may look simple on the outside, but this kitchen has all the fun quirks of this modern couple. 

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